the Zebras Unite Community

We are moving! Join us at our new online home at!

We are moving!

We are moving to Hylo! 

Join us at our new virtual home at the Zebras Unite Global group on Hylo.

For startups of a different stripe.

Zebras Unite is a community of entrepreneurs, investors and allies dedicated to building companies that balance both profit and purpose. 

Join the community to learn from likeminded individuals, pool resources and best practices and collectively build a new model for inclusive and ethical entrepreneurship. 

We recently hosted our first event in beautiful Portland, OR. Watch the recap video here. 

What is a Zebra company?

“Zebras” has become a shorthand for aspiring entrepreneurs, investors, media, and adjacent communities as the expression and signal of a forward-thinking, long-game economy and business culture where ambitious companies build the goods and services we need for the society we want.

Together we are creating an emergent, grassroots movement to create a pluralistic approach to business processes and development. Won't you join us join us? 

Learn more about the Zebra movement here. 

A Big Thanks

Thank you to everyone who has contributed to this unique and powerful movement so far, whether providing feedback, attending DazzleCon, or helping spread the Zebra word. 

We look forward to building the brilliant future of the Dazzle with you!